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BCIS Discussion on the Role of the Civil Society at a time of acute Socio – Political Crisis (උග්‍ර වන සමාජ – දේශපාලන අර්බුද හමුවේ සිවිල් සමාජයේ භූමිකාව)

The first BCIS Sinhala medium Panel Discussion on the Role of Civil Society in Times of Acute Socio-Political Crisis (උග්ර වන සමාජ – දේශපාලන අර්බුද හමුවේ සිවිල් සමාජයේ භූමිකාව) was held on Friday, March 15, 2024, at the BCIS Auditorium.

To enrich the discussion, four distinguished scholars such as Dr. Jehan Perera, Executive Director, National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, Prof. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri, Head of the Department, Department of History, University of Colombo, Mr. K.W. Janaranjana, Editor in Chief, Anidda News Paper and Ms. Sankhitha Gunaratne, Deputy Executive Director at Transparency International Sri Lanka were invited.

Dr, Nishara Mendis, Director/Research, Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies (BCIS) moderated the discussion.

The event centered on the critical role of the civil society in time of acute political turmoil, captivated attendees with its insightful and diverse perspective, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities involved.