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Bandaranaike Research Hub and Archives

The Bandaranaike Research Hub

was established as a specialized unit of BCIS, primarily for the purpose of actively collecting research material from both internal and external sources; relating to a wide array of fields, and curating an expansive store of validated information.

With the continuous contribution of research material from our undergraduate and post-graduate students, our collection grows year on year, and proves to be of immense benefit to new learners undertaking studies here at BCIS.

Thanks to the availability of an equally impressive volume of external research data, students will find their in-house studies significantly augmented; making their final research outcomes highly impactful towards the development and evolution of the theories and applications learnt.

The Research Hub also fulfils one other very special duty; that of preserving the recorded legacies of the Prime Ministers Hon. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike and Hon. Sirimavo R.D. Bandaranaike. Their contributions to Sri Lanka and the world in matters of Government and International Relations are collated in the form of a collection of clippings, documents, and visual material, and have been made accessible to students as well as all IR enthusiasts. This collection of official material of two of Sri Lanka’s most prominent and respected political figures is a first in the country, and is an unparalleled innovation made to improve International Relations education and research.

As a progressively-oriented institution, we are constantly striving to bridge research gaps in our areas of focus; engaging with researchers and collaborating with them towards building and maintaining an information resource base that holds high contemporary relevance.

‘Historical Narratives in Diplomacy- Being There’

BCIS’ Bandaranaike Research Hub presents ‘Historical Narratives in Diplomacy – Being There,’ – a platform where experts in the field of International Relations share experiences/anecdotes in retrospection, with the emerging generation of leaders.

Here’s an intimate space for acquiring first hand anecdotes and tactical insights from experts in their historical/professional settings. ‘Historical Narratives in Diplomacy – Being There,’ is a series of intergenerational narratives that will take place once in two months with experienced professionals in IR and related fields.

Memorialization Documentaries / Films Screening

BCIS will from time to time screen documentaries for memorialization from International Relations and related social science disciplines of contemporary interest created by local and foreign community artistes and activists. The objective is to use archival media to strengthen deeper understanding of geopolitical contextual issues and encourage critical thinking among students and IR enthusiasts, thereby strengthening the knowledge base.

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