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BCIS Library


Borrowing facilities


Two books for a period of two weeks – extended for another week.

Academic staff

Two books for a period of two weeks – extended for another week.

Research Staff BCIS

Four books (two reference & two lending) for a period of two weeks – extended for another week

Board members and administrative staff of BCIS

Two books for a period of two weeks – extended for another week

Alumni members

Two books for a period of two weeks – extended for another week.


Reference facilities only.

Library Services

Library orientation / User education

Under this service, we offer members of the library the means to locate and source information in an organized manner and critically evaluate their origins prior to use.

The library staff conducts a user-awareness session for each batch of the students at the beginning of their course to educate them about the resources and services of the library.

Current Awareness Service – (CAS)

Our dedicated awareness service ensures that BCIS library members are kept aware of the availability of new material. Through a monthly acquisition list, we will inform members about the acquisitions that will soon become a part of the our reference offering, and as for other important material acquired out of the list, their availability will be announced through new arrival lists. Additionally, the service also disseminates current information pertaining to BCIS via a mix of newsletters, new bulletins, and brochures.

Inter Library Loan(ILL) Service

If you are looking for any journal article or a book chapter which is not available in your library, through ILL service of the library you will be able to find the document. Registered members of the library are eligible for this facility.

For more information:

Selective Dissemination of Information Service – (SDI)

Using our internally compiled database of researchers / research groups, we engage in   a practice of insight sharing where the latest information relating to specific interest areas are shared with the relevant parties on a regular basis. The information itself is disseminated as abstracts, indices, content pages, quick references, and literature searches.

Reprographic Service

The BCIS Library will provide photocopies and computer printouts at concessionary   rates to all library users, subject to copyright regulations of material. 

Copying charges:  

  • Single page – Rs.10.00 

  • Double page – Rs. 15.00 

Reference Desk services

The Reference Services helps users

  • In locating required books in the library
  • In accessing information through online catalogues, indexes, bibliographies, Internet, relevant websites and e-journal available in the library.
  • In providing Subject Guides on several subjects.
  • By referring them to information sources of other libraries for materials which are not available in the library.
  • By assisting in finding the answer to specific reference questions.
  • By providing instructions in the use of library materials.

In inquiries on periodicals.

Reading Room Facilities

· Reading Room 1 – reference section

  Permanent and quick reference collections such as bibliographies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, year books, directories and other reference works are kept in this reading room.

· Reading Room 2 – lending section

 This is the reading room where lending materials related to International Relations and Languages, and the Sri Lankan collection are housed.

Library Lockers

  • Only staff , students and daily users are allowed to use the facility.
  • A token should be obtained from the library staff along with the key of the locker before using the facility.
  • The token should be returned to the counter service staff after use.
  • The items should be removed from the lockers before the closure of the library. Library staff will NOT be responsible for any item left overnight.