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BCIS Library

User assistance


  • All the students who are registered for the courses and programs conducted by the BCIS, and Academic and non-academic staff members are entitled for Library Facilities.
  • The Student/Official Identity card or National Identity Card should be provided for registration with the library.
  • Only the students, Academic Staff, and permanent Non-Academic staff members who have paid the library fee or the Refundable Deposit are eligible to borrow books.
  • Other users /scholars will be allowed only after the permission from the Librarian to use the reference material after making the due payment.

    Membership Fees 
    • Student Membership on a payment of Rs. 2,000
    • Academic Staff membership on a payment of refundable deposit of Rs.10,000
    • Alumni Membership on a payment of Rs. 5,100
    • BCIS Staff (Board members, research and administrative) membership
    • Scholars on a payment of Rs.100 per day
  • All payments should be made to the BCIS and the receipt should be produced at the circulation counter at the library.

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Fines and Payments

For students, BCIS staff and Alumni members :   

  • A fine of Rs.5.00 per day will be imposed in respect of each book not returned by the due date.          
  • All payments should be made to the BCIS and the receipt should be produced at the circulation counter at the library.

“No Dues” Certificates

The students can request a “No Dues Certificate” from the BCIS Library through this service.

Please complete the form below accurately and submit it.
The certificate will be emailed to the requesting student.

    Rules and Regulations

    • All students entering the library should record their name and student ID number in the registers of both Lending and reference sections.
    • Visitors to the library should contact the library service counter to obtain permission to enter and to use the library.
    • All library materials taken out of the library must be date-stamped at the library counter before being taken out.
    • Group discussions or noisy behavior which can disturb the other readers are not allowed in the library. SILENCE should be observed in all public reading areas.
    • Seats in the library may not be reserved or removed from the usual places by the readers.
    • Personal belongings should be kept in the lockers provided at the entrance to the library.
    • Smoking, use of matches or an open flame, and consuming food is strictly forbidden in the library.

    User Guides

    • The library provides access to the online catalogue of the library through the webpage.
    • A user guide is provided for the library users to assist in locating resources through the library catalogue
    • “Guide to search the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)”