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Higher Diploma in International Relations

Gain an analytical eye to understanding the impacts of globalization and world events, and their bearing on economies and social structures.

Here at the BCIS, our approach to International Relations gives equal emphasis to all prominent schools of thought that has contributed to the subject and its evolution till the present.

From the origins and the fundamentals of the concept, to the expanded relevance of related disciplines such as Human Rights and International Justice, the course will map out a rewarding learning experience in delivering knowledge to aid a new generation of globally-oriented academics and professionals.

Our faculty members hold extensive learned as well as lived in experience within the field of IR, and, therefore are well equipped to help you navigate through this vast field of study.

Course Highlights

This programme provides theoretical knowledge on principles of International Relations. Critical evaluation, debate and discussion are encouraged. The following subjects will be covered in this course. 

  • Semester I
  1. Introduction to International Relations: Theory and Practice
  2. Power Politics in the Indian Ocean
  3. International Organizations and Global Governance
  4. Sri Lanka in World Affairs
  • Semester II
  1. South Asia in World Politics
  2. State, Ethnicity and Religion in South Asia

Target Groups

Individuals engaged in International Relations, Diplomacy International Trade, Tourism, Media, Law and officers of Armed forces.


*A Graduate with a Degree from a recognized University or equivalent professional qualifications.


*Minimum of 10 years work experience in a recognized organization related to International Relations, International Trade, Tourism, Media sectors, Law and Armed Forces.

Class Schedules

Saturdays – 08.30am to 06.15pm
Course Fee
129150 LKR
Course Duration
18 Months
Next Batch
March 2024

Courses and content offered by BCIS should be particularly important and useful for those aspiring to build careers in; Civil Service, Foreign Diplomacy, Global Aid, and International Trade.