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BCIS panel discussion: ‘Conditionality of International Financing Agencies: Use and Misuse’

A panel discussion on ” Conditionality of International Financing Agencies: Use and Misuse ” was held at the BCIS Olympus Auditorium of the BCIS on Saturday, May 27, 2023.

Dr. Roshan Perera, Public Policy specialist, former Director of Central Bank and a Senior Research Fellow of the Advocata Institute served as the main speaker of the panel. Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasingha, Former Foreign Secretary and Mr. Ramindu Perera, Senior Lecturer, Department of Legal Studies, Open University of Sri Lanka served as the other two panelists of the session. Ms. Shayani Jayasinghe, Research Officer, BCIS served as the moderator of the panel discussion.

Professor Gamini Keerawella, the Executive Director of BCIS delivered the welcome address and Ms. Maheshi Jayawardena , Research Officer of the BCIS delivered the vote of thanks.

The panel discussion was followed by an interactive session where the audience engaged in a vibrant discussion with the speakers.