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BCIS International Affairs Review : “Rights and Recognition of the Transgender Community in Sri Lanka”

Here’s sharing the video interview of Professor Pabasari Ginige, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya on “Rights and Recognition of the Transgender Community in Sri Lanka” by Shayani Jayasinghe, BCIS featured in BCIS International Affairs Review, Volume 2, Issue 5.

In the video interview, Professor Pabasari Ginige discusses in detail the challenges that are faced by transgender persons in Sri Lanka, especially when accessing much needed health care. The interview also discusses the challenges related to achieving recognition of transgender persons and their rights in relation to prevailing socio-cultural norms and biases in societies.

The fifth issue of the BCIS International Affairs Review also carries informative articles and creative content on challenges related to achieving gender and sexual rights at global, regional, and local levels. The content of this issue of the review includes the following:

  • Activism Beyond Borders: Taiwan’s Influence on Japan’s Same-Sex Marriage Campaign  by Shayani Jayasinghe, Research Officer, BCIS 
  • Access to Welfare and Social Security during Covid-19: Experiences of Transgender Persons in South Asia
    by Nelum Uttamadasa, Assistant Registrar, BCIS 
  • Access to Healthcare for LGBTQ Individuals: Sweden and Sri Lanka
    by Maheshi Jayawardane, Research Officer, BCIS
  • International Overview: Sexual and Gender-based Violence in the Context of War and Displacement  
  • Gender-Targeted Funding for Election Campaigning in the Global Context: Lessons for Sri Lanka
    by Isuri W. Siriwardhana, Research Associate, BCIS   
  • Documentary on Rights and Recognition of the Transgender Community in Sri Lanka 
  • The Drive for Agency of Formerly Indentured Women : Sri Lanka and Fijiby Chamika Wijesuriya, Non-resident Researcher, BCIS
  • Film Review: “Ingirunthu” (Here and Now)

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