• Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies (BCIS)

  • " Established under the S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike National Memorial Foundation "


Dr. Harinda Vidanage

Director   / BCIS

Ms. Mahesha Pathirana

Dr. (Ms.) Lakmal Mihiri Senanayake

Mr. George I. H. Cooke

Research Associate

George I. H. Cooke is a Research Associate at the BCIS where he engages in research into foreign policy, diplomacy, regionalism and integration.

A diplomat by profession having joined the Sri Lanka Foreign Service in 2007, he has served in the Public Communications Division, the Bureau of the Foreign Minister and the East Asia and Pacific Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, in addition to an overseas posting at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Paris and at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).



Ms. Isuri Wickramarathna Siriwardhana

Research Associate

Isuri Wickramarathna Siriwardhana is a research associate at the BCIS. She has done her bachelor and Master Degrees in political science at the University of Colombo. Her research interests are mainly focus on democracy in the context of Sri Lanka, South Asia and the world politics.

She is particularly interested in studying of democratic implication and its problematic aspects. Her current research work is based on democracy in Sri Lanka and South Asia.

Ms.Surangika Jayarathne

Research Associate

Surangika Jayarathne is a Research Associate at BCIS. She holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from South Asian University, New Delhi, India and Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations (Hons.) from University of Colombo. Currently she is studying L.L.B degree at the Open University of Sri Lanka. She previously worked as a Research Assistant at Save the Children, New Delhi chapter. Her works focuses on Gender and International Relations, LGBTQ Rights and Body Politics in South Asia.

Ms. Shalika Dias

Junior Research Associate

Ms. Shalika Dias is serving as a Junior Research Associate at BCIS since 2015. Prior to the BCIS, she was an Assistant Lecturer at the Department of International Relations, University of Colombo. Ms. Dias received her initial degree in International Relations (Special) from University of Colombo. She enjoys conducting research studies on China’s international relations, Area studies of Asia, especially on the Indian Ocean Region and International Migration.

Ms. Thilini Kasthuri

Junior Research Associate

Thilini Kasthuri is a Junior Research Associate  at the BCIS. She has a Bachelor ‘s Degree in Environmental Management (Special) from Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. She previously worked as a Research Assistant at North Central Drought Research Project in Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. Her research focuses on Multidisciplinary Studies in the field of Environment and International Relations. Her research interest mainly focuses on Environmental Security in the 21st Century and Natural Resources Conflict.

Ms. Senuri Samarasinghe

Junior Research Associate

Senuri Samalka Samarasinghe is a Junior Research Associate at the BCIS. She is a graduate from University of Colombo, specialized in International Relations and she is currently following the Masters in International Relations at University of Colombo. Her main work focus on International Relations Theory, China’s Maritime Strategy in the Indian Ocean, Refugee Crisis in Europe, and Environmental Politics. She is also interested in conducting multidisciplinary research in amalgamating culture, civilizations and environmental security into International Relations research.