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Dr. Minna Thaheer


Inauguration Ceremony of the Academic Programmes in International Relations

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Academic Programmes in International Relations offered by the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies (BCIS) was held on Saturday, 09th September 2017 from 09:30a.m. to 11:30a.m. at the BCIS Auditorium.

Mr. Chevaan Daniel, Group Director of the Capital Maharaja Organization Ltd. delivered the Keynote Address at this event titled “Re-imagining future leadership and importance of learning International Relations’ whilst the Guest Speech was delivered by Major General Jeewaka Ruwan Kulatunga, Commandant of the Defence Service Command and Staff College.

Representing the BCIS Alumni, Ms. Ganga Wakishta Arachchi, Senior State Counsel of the Attorney General’s Department also shared her views this event.

Postgraduate Diploma/Higher Diploma [Academic Year: 2016 (A)], First Semester Proper (PGD/HD Examamination) EXAMINATION TIME TABLE (Tentative)


Postgraduate Diploma/Higher Diploma [Academic Year: 2016 (A)], First Semester Proper

(PGD/HD Examination)



Date Time  



27th August 2016



09:00a.m. – 12:00 noon  


Introduction to International Relations

(Higher Diploma/PGD)













02:00p.m. – 05:00p.m.  


Sri Lanka in World Affairs

(Higher Diploma/PGD)


28th August 2016






09:00a.m.- 12:00 noon






Politics in South Asia

(Higher Diploma/PGD)






02:00p.m. – 05:00 p.m.  



Politics in the Indian Ocean Since 1945

 (Higher Diploma/PGD)




¨ The Application forms and the BCIS paying-in slips can be obtained from Ms. Kanchana Senevirathne during office hours (Mondays through Saturdays from 09:30 a.m-12:30 p.m. and 01:30p.m – 04:00p.m.).


Examination Fees should be paid to the BCIS through Account name SWRD Bandaranaike National Memorial Fund (BCIS), Account No.78057686 at any branch of the Bank of Ceylon Please write the Student Registration Number on the Bank Payment Slip. (e.g. (PGD/16/A/01/E) (HD/16/A/25)

 ¨The Registration of Students for the IR Examinations will take place from 11th July to 06th August 2016. The duly completed application forms and the proof of payment of examination fees should reach

     Ms. Kanchana Senevirathne by 04:00 p.m. on or before 06th August  2016. Those who fail to meet this deadline will be considered disqualified.

 ¨The Admission Cards will be given to the eligible candidates at the day of the examination.

¨Please bring your National Identity card on the day of the examination.


  1. Name: State your name with initials as indicated in the application submitted for registration.
  1. Registration No.: State very clearly the full registration number

                   (e.g.PGD/16/A/01/E) (HD/16/A/25/E)

  1. National Identity Card No.: Specify your NIC number or Passport number
  1. Current Mailing Address and Phone No.: Indicate the address and contact phone number at which you are mostly available.
  1. Medium: The candidates are advised to adhere to the medium in which they have obtained their registration.

     6. Examination Fees: Rs.1000.00

Please pay the above sum to the BCIS Bank Account on or before 06th August 2016


Those who fail to attend the Exam should submit a letter with supporting documents prior to the Exam or within 03 days after the exam. Those who fail to submit a valid excuse will be considered as “Repeat” candidates in the next term.

Application Deadline: 06thAugust 2016




Dr. Ranjith Cabral

Member/Council of Management

Mr. R. M. L. Rathnayake

Accounts Assistant

Mrs. Sonali Wijeratne

Member/ Council of Management

Ms. Nishani Jayaweera

Executive Secretary/BCIS

Lecture Panel

This visionary thinking is put into practice targeting the Sri Lankan citizens. BCIS is a unique organization which is promoting international peace, diplomacy, knowledge of global politics through an education system that is accessible to any citizen in Sri Lanka irrespective of any difference in education or social cultural background. We are the citizens gateway to learning and ideologically enhancing the minds of our citizens on the importance of knowing, learning and critically engaging with International relations.

Why BCIS ?

The Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies, commonly known as the BCIS, is the academic-wing of the S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike National Memorial Foundation, a statutory institute established under Act of Parliament No. 2 of 1975.

The BCIS is a non-profit, tertiary level education institute specializing in all aspects of international relations 1 including training, research and advanced studies

We thrive to achieve excellence in disseminating knowledge, training and policy interventions in international relations and global politics. Global politics and political challenges in the current context has made BCIS adopt evolutionary strategies to reinvent itself always providing the best and crucial education and research in the academic discipline of International Relations.1